Why You Need ONE Desired Outcome On Social Media

Okay, I've got to ask up front.

Do you know what you’re trying to achieve on social media?

I know that sometimes seems like a strange question but it’s usually one of the questions we forget to ask ourselves before jumping on social media.

If we do, we tend to give a very generalised response:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Sales
  • Good Customer Service

These are good reasons to be on social media but they are very loose goals. You want to be specific and know exactly what the end result looks like.

After all, if you don’t know where you are going, how are you ever going to get there?

You need to get crystal clear on exactly what you want to achieve

Why are you social media? If you’re going to put all this effort into making it work, what’s the exact end goal?

If you are just doing social media on a post-by-post basis then it’s impossible to get the results you have in your mind because you’re not operating strategically and intentionally.

If I said to you that you could guarantee one result from social media, what would that be?

Have one desired outcome and make sure regardless of what that outcome is, that it ties to your overall business strategy.

You want to make sure that the work you are putting into social media is adding value to your business and the direction you are trying to achieve.

When you get really clear on that outcome, everything you incorporate into your social media strategy can be framed and supportive of that outcome. Everything we include in our social media strategy should act like building blocks leading up to this end goal so make sure you that you take time and think about it before making a decision.

Action Steps

  • Take time to think about the direction of your business and use it to establish your one desired outcome. You might want to check out the video lesson before doing this.
  • Keep yourself accountable by sharing your one big social media goal with me. You can either add a comment below or join my list where you have direct access to me through email.

Sound good? Great!

Now go be awesome.

Much love,

Chloë xx