How to Send and Delete Twitter Direct Messages

How to send and delete Twitter DMs (Direct Messages)


Twitter direct messages are private messages send between Twitter users.

You can only send direct messages to Twitter users you follow. Likewise, you can only receive direct message from users that follow you.

Direct messages are a great way to take a conversation with one of your Twitter connections to the next level. By changing the context of the conversation from a public setting to a private setting, you are creating another customer touch point. You are effectively building the trust with that connection and bringing them one step closer to a conversion.

For example, many customers and prospects are more willing to open up about business-related queries within direct messages that they typically wouldn’t want the public to see.

Another example would be using direct message for exchange contact information and meeting arrangements.

Direct messages are a powerful feature within Twitter when used correctly.

Now we’ve briefly discussed at WHY you should be using direct messages on Twitter, let’s take a look at HOW you actually use them.


Sending and Replying to Direct Messages


Log in to Twitter

Select the Messages tab at the top of the page

You are now in direct messages and you will be able to see recent messages from Twitter users you follow.

To reply to a message, select the message by clicking on it. The conversation thread will now appear allowing you to send a direct message.

Direct messages are 140 characters just like public tweets. You can attach photos and for the most part you can share links.

If you have an issue sharing a link there is a workaround that you can use. Instead of sharing the link, type it out with spacing like so: www. Website . com or if you are sharing an email: name at website dot com.

Try not to send duplicate messages. If you do, Twitter may block it and your account could be flagged as spam.


Deleting Direct Messages


If you want to delete a direct message, hover over the message and click on the bin icon. If you feel the direct message is offensive, you can also report is by select the report icon.

If you would like to delete all direct messages you can use a third party tool. Two free and popular tools include:


Note: This same process can be followed through on a mobile device. Simply click the ‘Messages’ tab just as you did on desktop. This is where all of your direct messages are located.

Try to cleanse your direct messages at least once a week. This will ensure you don’t miss any important and unanswered messages that are hidden in amongst the clutter.

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