Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

As human beings, we're addicted to comfort but in order to live your best life, you need to break out of that.

We are build to sense fear and avoid it all costs. It's our survival instinct.

The problem is we all have infinite potential but in order to reach it, we have to break through the barriers of fear, discomfort and sometimes even pain.

People talk a lot about taking the first step as if it's the hardest. Sometimes it's not. Sometimes we can take the first step and it's only on that second step that we feel the fear and run from it.

Instead, we need to say BRING IT ON!

We need to get ourselves mind bouncers to remove that fear kryptonite and learn to see obstacles as challenges instead of threats. We need to build our emotional stamina and become anti-fragile.

There's a beautiful world out there but you need to be willing to open your eyes and walk right into it in order to experience the magic of it. When you do, remember that you can't get lost when you are following your heart's compass.