Does Engagement Matter on Social Media?

I really feel like there's a big misconception on social media around engagement... and I kinda want to address it.

Over the years, the idea that social media is all about engagement has been thrown around more and more. Often, this ‘all about engagement’  statement is used by Marketers used to avoid that dreaded ROI (return on investment) question.

The truth is it’s not all about engagement. You can spend all day every day engaging with your community and it won’t generate sales for your business. One reason for this is that your community members become ‘stuck’ in one stage of the sales funnel or worse, they don’t even enter it.

As they become used to the conversation, it becomes a habit and they never take the next step. The relationship stays on this level.

The second reason, tied to the first, is that conversation does not build know, like and trust factor alone. In order to build that deep relationship with your community, you need to drop signals along the way that let’s them know who you are, what you do and why they need your service. This is done discretely through your content strategy and clear call to actions.

Engagement is important but it’s only one ingredient that makes up the social media success pie. You also need a great content and conversion strategy.

Without those you are limiting your return on investment in social media BIG TIME.

So with that in mind, here's some action steps * sprinkled with strategic intention *  that you can take this week to turn those connections into customers.

Action Steps

Take a look at your typical social media success strategy and ask yourself these three questions:

  • Once I have engaged people, how am I using those conversations to drive prospects to the next stage in my sales funnel?
  • What content am I putting out to add value up front and showcase my brand’s message?
  • Are the call-to-actions I am using clear and lead my prospects to taking one desired outcome?

If you start to find leaky holes in any of these answers, start plugging them up straight away. It’s amazing how small adjustments can align your social media strategy with overall business goals.

Reply below and let me know how you get on.

Much Love,

Chloe xx