Email vs Sales Conversions On Periscope

Building relationships on Periscope does happen very quickly which can dramatically reduce the time between making a social connection and achieving a sales conversion.

This may lead you to thinking that Periscope is a great platform for selling. This is a bit of a misconception. What is actually means is that the strength and depth of the connections made results in actions being taken quicker. That doesn’t necessarily mean that action is a sale.

In fact, it can be a lot more effective to have that action be an email conversion.


There are a few reasons. Let’s discuss.

1. You don’t own Periscope.

Periscope is in control of it’s own platform. It’s that simple. They make the rules and they can change the rules at any given point in time. This could have a huge impact on your Periscope marketing strategy and results. The only way to control that risk and impact is to encourage your Periscope community to become email subscribers. You control your email list and how it’s used so long-term, it’s a more viable strategy.

It means you are building a community around your business versus around a particular platform. Regardless of what changes are made, you can maintain your community without the risk of external factors impacting that relationship.

This is in itself is the single biggest reason you want email subscribers.

Side Note: I know you can automate new customers to subscribers but people aren’t always happy with you making that subscription decision for them. It can create push-back which can be difficult to undo. It also means they are less likely to open and read the newsletter emails you send. 

2. It’s not an easy sale. 

This one is more of a guideline because you can and people do make sales via Periscope this way.

 People like to research before they invest even if it’s just a simple sales page. They are handing over their money which is more valuable than an email subscription. While it’s possible and it does work, it’s a little more tricky to do this on Periscope. You have to provide a link, they then have to search it after the broadcast and even if it’s a short time lapse, that’s when they start thinking about the purchase.

It’s easier to get people to purchase when you hit an emotional trigger in the moment. Don’t give people a chance to doubt it. In email, you can draw them in and have the link sitting there for when they are ready to make that purchasing decision.

3. The connection holds the value. 

People can unfollow you at any time, even by accident and you will lose that connection. They may even decide that Periscope isn’t for them any more and leave. You don’t want to be left at the same time.

Sure you can connect across various platforms but ideally you want these followers on your email list. That way, you can keep in touch. We all use our email inboxes every single day. This gives you direct access free from noise.

4. Customer lifetime value

Never sacrifice long-term sustainable success for short term gains. It doesn’t work. Instead, you want to focus on customer lifetime value. This means creating customers that buy over and over and over again. They are loyal.

This means really taking the time to nurture your connections and figure out how you can best serve them. Email is far more personal and as mentioned, it’s direct access.

Not only will these people generate the most revenue for your business, they will also become the word of mouth marketers that bring new customers to you.

When you focus on customer lifetime value, you’ll start to see a huge increase in the return on investment of time, money and resources. That’s because with each purchase from that same customer, the return on investment increases. That’s the goal.

These are just some things to think about. I do recommend testing both options out with some time in between. This will give you the right way forward. It comes down to your business model, your industry and your value proposition. There is no one size fits all strategy.

The one piece of advice I can give that is relevant regardless of your conversion type is to keep it to ONE call-to-action.

One Simple Call To Action

Periscope is a platform for discussion, interactivity and great content. It’s not a social commerce site. People aren’t on the platform to buy stuff.

You absolutely have to deliver a huge amount of value up front to earn the right to sell. You also need to be extremely intentional when you do ask your community to take an action.

Keep it to one.

When you point people here, there and everywhere, it just sounds like you’re constantly selling and often. It dilutes your messages, creates resistance from your community and prevents action being taken.

Instead ask yourself ‘What is the one action I want my community to take?’. Whatever the answer is, go all in on that.

Create one clear call to action that easy to follow through on.


Periscope Selling Tips

These tips have been noted throughout but it’s worth mentioning them here so you know exactly how to land a call to action on Periscope.

1. Have one action that leads to one outcome. Make it easy, clear and impactful.

2. Keep it simple. The easier you make it, the more likely your community is to take action.

3. Use pretty links that are easy to remember after the broadcast finishes. Ideally use and change up the page.

4. Offer Periscope content through broadcasts and freebies. Make your community feel valued and important. Show that you care and it’s not just about the sale.

5. Offer huge amounts of value up front. Show why people should buy rather than tell them why. Eliminate the risk, answer objections and give people a solid reason why they


to take action.

6. Don’t be all business. This creates a barrier of resistance. Be a person and a user. People do business with other people they know, like and trust. Have fun and enjoy your time on the platform.

Hope this is valuable for you my friend.

Much love from my heart to yours.

Chloë xx