How Social Media Can Benefit YOUR Business

For years, marketers have been pushing the idea that every small business should be on social media.

So you now you might be thinking…

‘Yes, Chloe, generally, I get it BUT I just don’t know how social media can work for MY business.’

I hear ya!

Now if you’re like most small business owners, you have one priority when it comes to your social media marketing and that’s to generate sales.

It should be. However, it’s not as straight-forward as putting your business out there and catching a sale the first time. There are a lot of variables. There’s a lot of often overlooked business benefits.

That’s why I thought it would be helpful to break down some of these benefit and discuss how they add real value to your business.

Raise Awareness

If customers don’t know you exist, when it comes to making their purchasing decision, you’re not even option. Social media provides access to your customers. You have an opportunity to get your message in front of a targeted audience unlike any other marketing communication channel. That’s huge.

Also,as long as they are set up correctly, all of your social platforms tie together and lead back to your website too so it’s more visibility just by having these accounts set up. I mean that could totally be a point in itself when looking at SEO. It just so happens, SEO isn’t my thing so we’ll stick this one under increased visibility.


Despite that big old myth that you can’t measure the ROI of social media and it’s all about relationships, social media can be used to sell your products/ services.

I mean, if you’re STARVING, can’t be bothered cooking and you see a delicious picture of Dominoes pizza with their phone number and a caption that says ‘We can be with you in 20 minutes.’ – Are you telling me you’re not phoning up?

Sales can be made on social. It’s just about figuring out how to do make the best use of it for your specific business and audience. Oh and when it’s done correctly, you should be able to figure out the ROI.

Market Research

This one has to be one of the most underrated benefits of social media marketing. Businesses literally spend thousands trying to figure out their customers when you have access to all the information at your fingertips. Most of us live out our lives on social media, it’s amazing what you can find out about your customers.

Here’s the thing, when you start to do this research, you’ll start to spot trends and commonalities within your community. It’s those commonalities and trends you can use to tailor your messaging. When done correctly, you can make your customers and prospects feel like you are speaking directly to them. It’s one-on-one marketing but at scale. Powerful stuff, huh?

Local to Global

For a lot of business, the internet and the reach via social media allows them to go from operating on a local scale to a global scale. That leap and transition is huge for any business and can create rapid growth with very few barriers to entry. That’s a huge benefit for any small business implementing social media marketing.

Just be sure you can handle that scale. It may suit your business better to stay hyper local.

Customer Lifetime Value

Social media takes customer service to a whole other level. The customer care that small businesses provide on social media adds a huge amount of value. It’s acts like an extension of a customer’s experience.

I like to think of it as taking everything you are doing offline and bringing it online. That in itself is value added.

If your business is present, engaged, responsive and helpful to your community, they are going to feel important, like they matter. Really, as humans, that’s what we’re all seeking.

So in turn, your community is going to feel emotionally invested and have increased loyalty towards your brand and will continue to buy more and more from you. Why? Again, because you care, you ‘get’ it! Each time they buy, the lifetime value of your customers increases. #Winning

So all in all, social media marketing offers a ton of benefits to your small business. The question is, are you ready to go all in and embrace the world of social media marketing?

That commitment is required because without it, these are just words and words don’t help your business. Action helps your business. You need to be committed to taking action.