How To Answer The “You’re Not Realistic” Conversation In Business…

It happens and it’s demotivating so here’s my response to that. Take it and make it your own. Ya know, if you want. ;)

You define your reality.

You gave me that look and said I’m not being realistic.

I’m just a young and naive, a little too idealistic.

But to me, this is life and you only get one chance.

So it’s the only way to be if you want to advance.


I can’t take on those insecurities; they are yours not mine.

Our truths and our realities come from the life we design.

We choose the lens and it determines the world that we see.

I choose to trust & see goodness that the person I want to be.


Because at the end of the day, you can decide, courage or fear.

I’m the captain of my ship, I choose which direction to steer.

And you can go back but I’m gonna sail towards the light.

It sure does look pretty, the future’s looking real bright.


Maybe my head is stuck in the clouds, I’m super optimistic.

But I just think I’m a happy combination of real and altruistic.

So I’ll keep reaching for the stars until I’m over the moon.

I know if I keep my head down and focus, I’ll be there real soon.

✌?️ ? ✨