How To Build A Community On Periscope

Despite several competitors entering the live video game, Periscope is still standing strong when it comes to livestreaming. We’re definitely starting to see more integration with it’s parent company Twitter and I truly believe this in itself is going to add a lot more longevity to the platform. This is particularly true for certain industries such as travel, music and lifestyle.

Perhaps you are already broadcasting on Periscope or maybe you’re just thinking about it right now. Either way, if it’s a platform you plan to include as part of your overall social media strategy, you’re going to want to build out a targeted community.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can do that.

Twitter Community

When you sign up to Periscope, you have the option to sign up via Twitter. The great thing about this is that it essentially integrates the two accounts. You will have suggestions on who you should follow based on who you currently follow. As other’s join the platform or look through suggested follows on sign up, you also have a shot at appearing in the list.

Integrating your account will also make it really easy to post your Periscope broadcasts out to Twitter. They will play live and natively within the platform while you are broadcasting so it’s a great way to attract new viewers and help integrate your community. It’s also a great cross promotional technique that will encourage interaction on both platforms simultaneously with no extra effort required.

As mentioned, the fact Twitter owns Periscope would suggest this integration will play a bigger role as the Periscope platform grows so it’s important to keep that in mind too.


Hashtags are searchable on Periscope so you definitely want to include them in the titles if your scopes. Again, this is where Twitter plays a key role in promoting your broadcasts. When you tweet out your scope, the headline will be posted to Twitter meaning any hashtags included will also be searchable within Twitter. This means people are encouraged to watch you live and on the replay.

When you are including hashtags, try to keep them to just one or two popular and highly relevant ones. You want to optimise visibility but it’s important that it’s among the right audience.


When you are setting up your broadcast, there is an option to enable location services. It’s the first button of four above the big red ‘start broadcast’ button. When you enable location services, your broadcast will appear in the map section of Periscope. This means people searching on the map icon will be able to see your scope appear.

This is particularly useful if you are a local business. Social media is global and that’s great in terms of attracting a larger audience size. However, if you’re tied to a particular geographic location then your goal is to become hyper local. This is one way to do this.

Ensuring you are educating offline consumers and making it clear you are on Periscope is another great way to build your Periscope community. Periscope is still very new so making it a talking point offline and even encourage consumers to jump onto your scope where appropriate is a great way to bring that online and offline community together.

Just be sure to turn your location services off when you’re at home or somewhere that you would prefer your location to be private. It is very easy to forget to tap the icon off and it will show your exact location. This is something to keep in mind.

Engaging In Others Scopes

This is probably the biggest and best tactic for growing your community yet it’s often the most underutilised.

Social media marketing is built on the premise that people do business with other people they know, like and trust.  That’s three separate stages in a relationship. If people don’t know you then they won’t just follow for nothing.

If you really want to experience the business benefits of Periscope, relationships have to come first. That means giving first. It also means going out and finding your ideal audience. Then you engage in their scopes. Make yourself known by taking an interest. Have conversations in the comments, follow up where appropriate on other platforms and show (versus tell) people why you are someone they want to take an interest in.

Swap Accounts

This is a popular tactic on sites like Snapchat but it can work really well on Periscope too. It can work in two ways. The first is on an individual level. You can decide to swap accounts for a day and do a ‘channel takeover.’ This is a great way of cross promoting to one another’s audiences. It works well but only if you share a similar audience where there is mutual benefits in doing so.

There is just one word of caution in using this technique. I highly recommend changing your password before/after you make the swap. I understand that you might trust the person you are swapping accounts with but this is your business and you have to protect it regardless.

The second way is to participate in groups that are set up for this cross-promotional method. Perigirls and Tagtribes(paid) are the two groups that come to mind but you can of course create your own. You can set up an account where everyone has access and can promote content to one large audience. Think of it like a tv channel running with different programming each day. Each participant has their own program that viewers can tune in to watch.

Pass The Scope

You can ‘pass the scope’ by taking turns to promote one another’s accounts. This is a great technique if you have a group of individuals operating in the same or a similar industry/share a similar audience but each bring a unique skill set. This way you can ensure that with each scope that takes place, the audience is continuously receiving value.

This can work really well on a hyper local level. You can pass the scope across various businesses or events going on. This really builds a sense of local community; a strong value among a number of consumers.

Growing a targeted community on any platform is hugely important. As business owners, it’s important we think about the role a platform plays in our overall strategy and how it all ties into our long term vision.

If Periscope is part of your strategy, I recommend you give some of these options a try.  If you do, I’d love to hear how you get on with them.

Much love from my heart to yours.

Chloë xx