How To Get Your First Paying Client Online

Building an online business is tough especially when you are starting out. Follow those steps with patience and persistence and I guarantee you will secure your first paying client in no time.



The Breakdown

1 | Find your clients and go to them.

2 | Show up consistently with super valuable, helpful content.

3 | Support everyone you can as much as you can.

4 | Be the conversation starter by engaging first and often.

5 | Ask questions. People love to speak about themselves.

6 | Listen. Listen more.

7 | When appropriate, share a resource that solves their problem.

8 | Take the relationship to the next level via phone or video chat.

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Bonus Checklist: 25 Ways To Find Your Ideal Client Online

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  1. Email everyone you know and tell them about your business.

  2. Include Your services in your email signature.

  3. Share your paid offering on your newsletter.

  4. Be active in online groups and forums (inc. linkedin).

  5. Reach out personally to email subscribers

  6. Keep a list of warm leads and follow up.

  7. Guest post on websites your ideal customers read.

  8. Offer free webinars or taster sessions.

  9. Host events online and offline (for free).

  10. Networking online and/or offline.

  11. Pitch free to serve influencers online.

  12. Host a meetup.

  13. Post flyers.

  14. Go door to door (even business to business).

  15. Utilise Quora religiously.

  16. Engage heavily on social media.

  17. Build relationships through phone calls/ video chats.

  18. Press Releases.

  19. Appear on podcasts/ video blogs.

  20. Ask for referrals.

  21. Collaborate with others who have a similar audience.

  22. Sales pitches.

  23. Create a free offer promoting paid offer.

  24. Search job sites and personally reach out to the decision maker

  25. Be of service everywhere in every way.

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Much love. Chloë xo