How To Promote Your Podcast

So you started a podcast! Woohoo! Podcasting is a wonderful way to reach your audience and connect on a deep level allowing to build relationships and loyalty. I mean, you're in your listeners ears. It doesn't get much more personal than that.

The thing is, before you can build all those wonderful relationships, you need to actually get people to listen. If they don't know about you, they don't know about all goodness you're sharing.

With that in mind, let's discuss some ways to promote your podcast.


The first 56 days on iTunes is key. This is when you have a chance to be viewed in 'new and noteworthy.' People on iTunes are actively looking for new and interesting podcasts to listen too. Of course, when they do look, as with any search engine, those first few results are always the most viewed.

Having this established and interested audience is a huge opportunity. Make the most out of it by ensuring that when you launch, you do so with a few episodes so that people can get a feel for it. Create eye-catching cover art and put a huge emphasis on consistency in publication for those first 8 weeks.

If you can start with this buzz, your job is then to carry the momentum which is a lot easier - at least if your content is on point.

Social Media

Social media is a noisy place. If you want to be seen, you need to put an effort into being highly active, visible and engaged on the platforms you choose to promote on. That doesn't mean spamming your audience's news feeds. There are ways to do it that is of value. Focus on providing value and sharing your core message in a way that is native to the platform. Native means that you are sharing content in the way that users of the platform like to consume it. For example, on Twitter, it's 140 characters.

Once you've got the content down, really hone in on engagement.  It's those conversations that create meaning. Nothing beats having a geniune, real connection with people. You support the people you care about and relationships are two-way.

Build Your Network

Networking should start long before your podcast is launched especially if you want to launch with a bang. This should really be less of a strategy and more what you do in general but this is part of the reason why. Your network are your tribe and they will want to support you in any way you can. Again, like everything, it comes back to those relationships. The more involved in the world of podcasting, the easier it is going to be when it comes to launching your own.

Start as a consumer. Give first. Effort is grosly underrated - use it to your advantage.

I truly hope this has been of value to you. Please do share any follow up questions, feedback or comments below.

Know I appreciate you.

Much love.