My Three Words - 2018

2018 Theme

My theme for this year is FLOW!

I fight everything especially myself. Always. 2017 seemed tough but looking back, I really was my own worst enemy.

I was so caught up in the struggle of letting things be and making things happen.

I always say trust the universe has your back, there’s just no shortcuts.

I once lived by that and it served me every blessing, lesson and experience I needed.

I wanted things to happen so badly last year that I fought the universe and got mad at myself constantly for not being enough or doing enough.

I became so anxious and on edge about every little thing and in turn that anxious energy turned into insecurity and self-doubt.

That’s not who I am and it makes me sad to think that’s who I became.

Fortunately, change happens in a single moment.

That moment is right now. Here’s to turning heart palpitations into good vibrations.

This year is about being centred and letting things flow. It’s about riding the wave instead of fighting against it.

It’s about flow.

As well as setting a theme for the year, I also like to focus on 3 words- a cool concept I learned from Chris Brogan.

My 3 Words


In 2018, I’m here for the healing. That includes healing my body from all the damage I’ve caused to it especially over the last year. I also need to focus on healing my mind. It’s an all or nothing kind of deal.

A flower cannot bloom if it isn’t nurtured and treated with love.

It’s time to heal. I’m ready for that growth.

P.S. Shout out to Jacqueline Carly @GetPlanty for being the best nutritional coach in the world and my biggest supporter on this journey.


Trust is so important. It can be incredible painful when you lose trust in someone else or something you seen as a finite truth.

However, to lose trust in yourself, it not only hurts but it can send you into a state of confusion where you not only disconnect from the world but you completely disconnect from your whole sense of self. You lose yourself.

The magic in the circle of life is what goes around comes around so when you do feel lost, there’s comfort in knowing you’ll soon be found.

I need to learn how to trust again. I need to trust myself. I need to trust in the good and I need to trust that if I continue to always follow my heart’s compass and do the right thing, I will always be right where I’m meant to be. If that happens to be in a place of confusion, I need to trust that challenge is preparing me for growth, to become a better version of myself than the day before.


A really special person once told me ‘Don’t ask, just do!’

Its time for me to take that advice and actually DO something with it.

It’s all about doubting less and doing more.

I’m a serial thought hoarder. I have boxes in boxes in boxes of overthinking every tiny little thing and then some. It’s time to practice what I preach and be my own mind bouncer. 

The only way to get from where you are now to where you want to be is to move forward and that requires taking action. 2018 is about executing. Don’t doubt, JUST DO!

Before I wrap up, I’d like to thank 2017 for each and every lessons, such as:

1. Never change who you are. You don’t need to. Even if people take advantage of you. Even if people tell you that you need to change. No one can tell you who you are or who you should be. Growth happens on the daily but let that happen through exploring your own journey, not one defined by others.

2. Good souls with kind hearts are so precious and rare. If you’re fortunate enough to be one, remember lesson number one. If you know one, return the love they give out to the world. They would never say it but often they are the ones that need it most.

3. Character tells you a lot about a person. More importantly, consistency in character. Everyone can play a role and apply a filter. True character is the unfiltered and unapologetic truth lived in each and every moment and revealed in the silence of your own company.

4. Let go of expectations. It’s funny how we judge ourselves based on our intentions but judge others on their actions. This can lead to unnecessary conflicts even within ourselves.

Its time to blow up a balloon and let it all go.

We live in our own worlds, just as, every other human being lives in theirs. We all see things and interpret things from a unique set of eyes. Let’s judge less, communicate more and avoid assumptions based on thought patterns rather than reality.

5. You are beautiful. You are loved. You are seen. You are heard. You are wanted. You are enough.  

From my heart to yours. 

Chloë xo