What Social Media Platforms Should You Be On?

What Social Media Platform Should You Be On?

It can be difficult knowing what social media platform(s) to invest in especially if you are a small business owner with limited resources. I get it! You probably just wish someone would come along and give you the right answer.

The trouble with that is that everything about your business is unique. The people, the message, the target audience, the personality… everything. While elements might match up, that collective experience is unique to who you are, what you do and ultimately what you bring to the table.

That means there is no magic answer. If you want one, choose Facebook. When a seventh of the world’s population is on a platform, there’s a good chance your ideal client will be too.

There are some key considerations for you to keep in mind. I’ve shared them in this video and outlined them below (the free from waffle version). I hope they help.

ONE: Follow Your People

  • Choose the platforms that your target audience are present on.
  • Remember it’s your job to go to them.

TWO: Don’t Be Everywhere

  • Be realistic about your resources and capabilities.
  • Don’t set up a strategy that is going to lead to overwhelm.
  • It’s better to do a great job in one place than dilute your brand everywhere.

THREE: Work On Your Strengths

  • Use the platforms that work to your natural strengths
  • If you are resistent to a platform, that frustration will translate to your audience
  • If you are comfortable with a platform, you will naturally communicate better.

It really is this simple. Try not to overcomplicate it. Focus on your customers and remember you are on social media to serve them.

Any questions, let me know.

Have a beautiful day wherever you are in the world.

Much love.