Is Squarespace Worth It?

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Why I Switched To Squarespace


At the beginning of 2018, I swallowed my pride and signed up for my first Squarespace trial. About an hour into it, I had already made the switch to using Squarespace as my web development platform of choice. About a week after that, every single one of my website development clients followed.

That might not sound like a big deal but for a long time, I was a HARDCORE Wordpress fan and if you’d told me I’d be writing this post even 18 months ago, I would have laughed.

Don’t get me wrong, Wordpress is an incredible platform but it tends to come with A LOT of baggage. If you’re a busy business owner who doesn’t really have an enormous budget to spend on a web developer or the time to manage your site, it’s just not practical…


So Why Choose Squarespace?


1. Squarespace is User-Friendly

You don't need to be a web developer or tech-savvy at all to create your website. Anyone can do it.

On the back end, Squarespace is a drag and drop platform where you can see how your site looks as you build it. They have a number of layouts, content blocks and integrations that you can pull in and place how you'd like. No coding required!

If you need to change or edit something, you can do so with each. When it comes to settings and changing elements of the design, you can simply click on the style editor, select the element you’d like to change and it will bring all the options available on the left navigation bar.


2. Squarespace Creates Beautiful Websites

If you’re not a designer, it can be difficult coming with a beautiful website that is going to engage your customer's attention immediately.

All Squarespace template themes are aesthetically pleasing, they make it really easy to create a stunning website that is visually attractive to your customers.

When you have less than 3 seconds to retain your customer’s attention. Your website is like a storefront. It should invite your customers in. You’re creating an experience, an atmosphere, an emotional connection that encourages them along their journey to becoming a customer.

Squarespace makes this a whole lot easier with an array of beautiful templates you can choose, customise and personalise to share your core message with your customers.



3. Squarespace Is Less Bulky and Less Time Consuming


Squarespace isn’t the most flexible platform in terms of features you can add to it. It’s not like Wordpress where it can seem like there’s a plugin for everything. For the super tech savvy, this might seem like a negative. However, for the bootstrapped small business owner, this is a huge positive.

For most, everything you need is within the platform. You don’t have to find domain providers, hosting solutions, themes, an email provider and a ton of different plugins to make it work. It’s all-inclusive.

The integrations available work seamlessly and they are incredibly easy to use. You no longer have to spend hours trying to understand code or technology nor do you have to sacrifice your already limited time in trying to maintain a site.


4. Squarespace Offers Support 24/7

With Squarespace, you’re never alone. Your site won’t break and you aren’t going to see hacker attempts every other week. This alone is a huge benefit.

However, should you find yourself with any question or issue in creating your site, Squarespace's got your back!

Not only do they have an extensive FAQ section with detailed tutorials, they offer email and live chat support. They are right there to help you whenever you need.


5. Compatible On All Devices

Let’s face it, we are all glued to our phones 24/7. It’s the world at our fingertips. As a business owner, this means having a mobile responsive website is no longer a competitive advantage, it’s essential.

Squarespace is compatible on all devices so you can rest assured that when your next potential customer pulls up your website on mobile or tablet, your website will look just as good and in some cases, better!


6. Squarespace is Extremely Affordable

The great thing about Squarespace is that you have 14-day free trial to really get inside and see how it all works.

When you do decide to become a customer, Squarespace is extremely affordable with pricing plans starting out at just $12/month when paid annually. If you look at everything included with this such as your domain, hosting, theme template, free email for a year, your SSL certificate and multiple integrations, this is a great option for any business owner.

You’re not locked into any plan either. You can easily upgrade, downgrade or switch between billing plans right from the navigation bar on the left.

Psst… Squarespace offers a discount code of 10% if you use the promo GIMME10.


Squarespace really does a great job of providing an easy solution for business owners looking to create a beautiful site without the headache.

If you’re looking to update your website or maybe you haven’t created one yet, I highly recommend you take up the 14-day free trial. Try it out. See what you think. And if you do, let me know how you get on.


I hope you love it as much as I do.

Thanks for reading!

Much love,