Little tasks. Big Problems.

It’s the little things that have the greatest impact in our lives. Habits. Consistency. It’s the domino effect.

We talk a lot about breaking things down into manageable chunks to make it easier.

And yet, sometimes, it’s those little, easy to do tasks that are the most difficult.

It’s those simple little tasks that we know will make our lives better that we often struggle most with.

We beat ourselves up. We tell ourselves that we’re not motivated.

We tell ourselves that maybe we’re just not cut out for this.

We tell ourselves a story and we decide it’s the truth without questioning why this might be happening.

Our mind, our entire beings aren’t necessarily programmed for success. Think about it. Our brains are so powerful and capable of the most extraordinary things and yet we all, even the greats only ever unlock a fraction of it’s potential.

We are programmed for survival and that means any little thing that creates fear within us, our minds are going to try and protect us from.

When it comes to executing our dreams, it’s scary. When you don’t try, you have the excuse of never trying so never knowing. But to try, to go all in on everything you are, your entire life’s purpose and then fail… what then?

Our minds are trying to protect us from that fear of failing.

Not ever realising that the real failure is to even try. Real failure is settling.

The beautiful thing about our minds is that they are neuroplastic which means we can change the way we think.

We can change our default setting from fear to courage.

…and maybe, just maybe, we can reprogram our minds from survival to successful in a form that can only be defined by you.

Wouldn’t that be something?