How To Connect Your Facebook Page To Your Messenger Bot In ManyChat

Before setting up your Messenger Bot, it’s important that you have the right Facebook Page set up. 

Let’s start there. 

Go to your Facebook Page > Settings > General Tab > Messages. 

Next to messages you will see a setting that depending on your current set up says:

“People can contact my page privately.”


Messenger Bot 1.png

Just hit edit on this to make sure that you are allowing people to contact your page privately by showing the message button. 

This is essential for ManyChat to work. 

Next, you want to ensure the button on your page is in fact ‘Send Message’ If it isn’t, you’ll see a little pencil icon on your button that allows you to edit. 


Messenger Bot 2.png

A pop up will appear enabling you to select your call to action. Make sure you select ‘Contact You’ and then ‘Send Message’. 



Messenger Bot 3.png

Follow Next to complete the set up and ensure messages are sending to Facebook Messenger. 

You can double check this is working by viewing your page as a page visitor.

Messenger Bot 4.png

The final step is ensuring that you have turned of instant replies and responses within the Facebook Platform itself. 

This is really important because it’s going to clash with ManyChat and come across as super spammy. 

You can do this by heading back to Settings > Messaging > Response Assistant. 

Make sure you have this turned to ’No’ to sending instant replies. 

Messenger Bot 5.png



Head on over to ManyChat and sign up your account. You’ll notice ManyChat has it’s own Chatbot installed. This will give you an example of how it works when someone accesses it using your website. 


Messenger Bot 6.png

Once you click to ‘Get Started Free’, you will be prompted to sign in with Facebook and then to a screen where you grant permission to ManyChat. The platform requires this in order to set up the Bot so go ahead and select continue. 

Now you will be give the option to select the Facebook Pages you want to grant permissions too. If you are managing multiple pages, this is where you may want to click through and select what pages you want to use Messenger Bot on. 


Simply click the highlighted ‘All Pages’ and a drop down will appear enabling you to select the pages you grant ManyChat permission to use. 


You will then be prompted to connect your page before being taking a welcome page where you can ‘Get Started’. If you are new to Messenger Bots, I recommend that you click the button and go through the on-boarding process. As the old saying goes:

“It’s better to do it once right than have to do it over.”

You can choose whether you opt in to ManyChat messages. If you decide to, you can opt out any time by sending ‘STOP’ in the messenger chat. 

Once you are logged in, you will then be taken to the backend of ManyChat that should look something like this:


Messenger Bot 7.png

If you ever want to add a new page, you simply click on the dropdown next to your current page and select ‘add new page’.  


Messenger Bot 8.png
Messenger Bot 9.png

Once you click, you can then connect your Facebook Page(s). You will be able to add any page where you’re role is ‘Editor’ or higher. 


Messenger Bot 10.png

Hit connect and you’re done!

Your Facebook page is now connected and you’re ready to set up your first Messenger Bot in ManyChat.