5 Things To Consider with Squarespace SEO


I recently wrote a 10 step checklist to Squarespace SEO after a number of people reached out looking for support with their websites. It covered all the bases but I thought it would be helpful to share a few extra key considerations and practical search engine optimisation tips to implement when managing your Squarespace website.

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1: Choose Your Squarespace Template with Care

Squarespace website templates are all beautiful in their own right. However, there are a few somewhat problematic templates at least from an SEO perspective.

The few templates that have been known to have issues when it comes to ranking include:

  • Bedford

  • Hayden

  • Pacific

This is to do with how Google picking up the multiple Header 1’s (H1) on index pages.

If in doubt, stick with the Brine family templates. At the time of this post, this is their newest and most updated set of Squarespace templates. They are very flexible and having recently switched, I can confidently say that changing template had a huge impact on my ranking.

Templates in the Brine family include:

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2: Include a mix of keywords and long-tail phrases

It’s not just about keywords. You also have to consider phrases. Be as specific as you can. This will help you break through the competition of general terms. You will show up because you have incorporated the exact phrases your ideal clients are searching for.

For more information, check out step 1 of my ‘Squarespace SEO: 10 Step Checklist’ post.

3: Understand it’s a work in progress

You are the best in the world at what you do. If you are reading this blog post, it’s unlikely your ‘best’ is Squarespace SEO expert. That’s okay. This is an ongoing work in progress that you will improve on over time.

The great thing is that your blog posts is they aren’t one and done. You can edit them, improve on them, update them and continue to optimize them over time as you learn.

I recommend reviewing your strategy every 3-6 months, just to make sure you are applying everyone you know about Squarespace SEO in that moment.

4: Listen to your Audience's phrasing

Listen to your customers when they come to you. Read their emails or social media messages carefully. Pay close attention to the words they use and how they phrase things.

This will likely be what they are typing into Google. When you understand those words and phrases, it takes away the guessing.

Tip: Lurking silently in Facebook groups and YouTube comments is a pro-level stealth mode move when it comes to researching the way people discuss issues you solve.

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5: Make Time For SEO

It’s easy to forget about the importance of search engine optimisation especially in Squarespace. The platform makes it so easy to type in your blog post and hit publish.

Actively schedule time into your blog post creation process for search engine optimisation.

Create a checklist of steps to include to ensure you don’t forget, such as:

  • Possible keywords and phrases

  • Possible page titles

  • Research in Google Keyword Planner tool

  • Adjust titles/phrases accordingly.

These may seem like obvious considerations but often it’s those common sense things we are supposed to do, that we forget to do.

By incorporating Squarespace SEO into your blog creation process, it ensures you are covering all the basics every time you post.

It may seem like it takes a lot of time but it’s nothing in comparison to the time spent creating content that’s never seen because it doesn’t rank well.


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