How To Set Up A Custom Instagram Landing Page in Squarespace

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Once upon a time, Instagram decided that you were only allowed one link to be shown on your entire Instagram profile. Business owners freaked out. What were they going to do? How were they going to sell or direct traffic to their latest blog post?

Times were tough. They were limited to one call to action.

Then one day, they come up with a plan. What if that one link could be the golden door that opened up to many opportunities? What if that one link led to many?


Companies such as Later and Linktree came up with a solution that would use your link in the bio to connect to many more links such as latest blog posts, free lead magnets and other valuable call-to-actions.


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Happily ever after…or is it?

When you use a third party site, you’re still limited to the functionalities and designs of these tools. You’re reliant on them and they aren’t all free. The cost isn’t just financial. It takes time to update your links every time you want to share a new blog post or update.

That’s where having your own Instagram landing page within your Squarespace website comes in.

Benefits of having a custom Instagram landing page On your Squarespace website

  • It’s consistent with your brand and there are no watermarks

  • It redirects peoples attention to your website, free from the distractions of others accounts.

  • Can be fully customized to guide people along the customer journey

  • Completely unique to you

  • You can set it up so you don’t have to update it every single time.

  • It’s 100% free since you already have your site.

  • It’s easy to track your traffic and engagement

  • Makes IG users feel valued that you’ve created a page of resources exclusive to them.


Steps To Creating Your Own Instagram Landing Page


01 | Create An IG Landing Page

Create a new page and give it an Instagram related url such as or It has to be short, memorable and easily viewed on your Instagram profile.

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02 | Include A Profile Image and Title

Make it clear to viewers they are in the right place. The easiest way to do this is to share the same photo as you have on Instagram, your @username and a small welcome title or message such as ‘Instagram Resources’ or ‘Your Free Resources.’

Note: You can easily use this method for all social platforms.

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03 | Design Your Page

Create a simple layout that is mobile friendly. Almost all of your traffic is coming from the app therefore it has to be easy to view and navigate on mobile.

Use this page to guide your followers on the customer journey with the key call to actions you want them to take.


  • Latest Blog Posts (Use Summary Block)

  • Download  Lead Magnet (Newsletter Block)

  • Book A Call (Button linking to aquity)

  • View Portfolio (Button linking to portfolio)


04 | Link to Instagram

Once you’re happy with how your page looks, hit Save. Now, head on over to Instagram and save your Instagram friendly page url as the link in your bio.

Done. Just be sure to test it out and see how it looks before directing people there.

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I hope you found this post valuable. Let me know in the comments below and subscribe if you’re feeling the vibe.

Much love. Chloe xo


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