How To Delete A Workspace in Asana

I love Asana! It's such a great tool for managing your business especially if you're a 'Solopreneur'. Despite using it for years, the other day I found myself confused as I tried to figure out how to delete a Workspace..

It's super simple even if it's not obvious. 

1. Click into the workspace you'd like to delete.

2. Click on the name of the workspace in the top right-hand corner of your page.

delete workspace in asana.png

3. On the dropdown menu, select 'more' then 'Remove me from this Workspace.'

delete workspace in asana 2.png

This will remove you from the Workspace and it will no longer appear in your account.

This does not delete the Workspace for anyone else present in it so it's important that you remove additional members before taking this step.

I'm not too sure why Asana opted to exclude a simple 'Delete' option. I hope they introduce it in the future but for now, here's how you do it.

Hope it helps!

Much love from my heat to yours. 

Chloë xo