What Is Evergreen Content?


You might have heard this little term ‘evergreen content’ being thrown around but you’re not quite sure what it means or how it applies to you as a small business owner.

If so, I wrote this for you. I hope it helps.

Let’s start with this…

What Is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is content that has a long lifespan attached to it. Unlike the latest news which becomes old very quickly, evergreen content stands the test of time.

This is the type of content that is going to be just as relevant 6 months from now as it is today.

Why Should You Create Evergreen Content?

From a productivity stand point, it’s good idea to focus most of your energy on creating evergreen content because it’s going to enable you to reuse and repurpose that content in the future. If you have a blog that you are posting too, these evergreen pieces act like cornerstone content that will give you a solid base for growth. Looking specifically at social media platforms, you can create a content bank which serves the same purpose.

It’s also great for search engine optimisation because when done correctly, it’s likely going to drive traffic continuously to your website.

Let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture with this though.

Your job is to serve your customers in the best way you can. One way you do this is through content creation. The type of content you share has to be focused on providing the most value to your customers. If we put the focus on that right there and ask ourselves, “What do my customers and my community want to know?” you’ll probably start to think about all those questions you get asked most frequently.

This might be things like:

  • How much does [your product] cost?

  • A review of the best [insert what you do]?

  • How do I decide between [one product] and [another product]?

  • What are the next steps I should take after I buy [insert product/service]?

  • How do I fix [Insert common problem/issue]?

  • How do I improve my [insert common experience]?

  • and so on.

Marcus Sheridan from The Sales Lion really is the pioneer for the “They ask. We answer.” philosophy and it works exceptionally well. It works because when people are typing in questions, they want answers. If your company is the one to step up and answer them in a helpful, transparent way then you are going to create trust. As we know, people will only invest their time and money in your company when they trust you.

That in itself is a huge reason to be embracing content marketing in general but the reason I bring Marcus Sheridan up is because he points out that really there are 5 types of content your customers are looking for:

  • Cost/ Price

  • Problems

  • Comparisons

  • Reviews

  • “Best Of” or “Top…”

Now again, just to circle back to the core point, these are all evergreen content pieces.

This is the type of content that:

A) Your customers are looking for.

B) Provides value and drives traffic to your website.

C) Generates the trust needed for your ideal target audience to buy into your value proposition

It only makes sense that’s where you focus your time and your efforts.

So now you might be wondering…

How Do I Get Started With Creating Evergreen Content?

Just as I’ve mentioned above, start with the big 5. It doesn’t matter whether you are posting on your website, blog or social media platforms, be brave in addressing these questions head on.

Transparency wins in business every single time.

Make sure this content is 100% on point with your customer’s wants and needs. A lot of the time people don’t buy because they have all these reservations that usually start with ‘but what about…’.

You can leverage your content in a way that answers all of these reservations. Once all those reservations are gone, there’s not really anything left to do except purchase or walk away. This is none as the zero moment of truth.

Whether they choose to buy or not, a clear decision is made and you have provided value in helping them to reach that decision.

Action Steps:

  • Write down all the questions you have ever been asked in your business and start working on them first. Use Marcus Sheridan’s ‘Big 5’ as a guide.

  • Start listening closely to the questions you are asked daily and design a system to keep track of them.

  • Start integrating the evergreen content you do create into other communications with your audience so that when they do as a question, you can direct them to the right place.

Often we get caught up putting out content because we feel like we need to keep up. It becomes about quantity and pushing your message out there. It’s the wrong approach.

We need to start talking less about putting our community at the heart of our business and start actually doing it.

This means listening, understanding and helping through the content we decide to put out there.

I hope that you have gained some insight into what evergreen content actually is and how it can benefit your business from this article.

Remember that it can be as simple or as complex as you make it.

At it’s very foundation, content is communication and if you can communicate with your community in a way they understand and can relate too, you’re well on your way to building solid relationships that lead to results.

Thank you for reading.

Much love from my heart to yours.

Chloë x


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