How To Choose The Perfect Font Pairing


Let’s face it, unless you’re a Graphic Designer or have an unbreakable love for Typography, choosing the right font combination for your brand is more confusing than maths.


Say X= What now?!

I hear you! In fact, my own search for the perfect combo is exactly what led me to researching some of the best sites for helping you find that font match made in heaven.

Here’s what I came up with.

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5 Tools To Help You Find The Perfect Font Pairing


01 | Font Pair

It’s all in the name. Font Pair have put together a ton of perfect typography combinations for you. If you know the type of font you’d like, you can use the navigation bar at the top. If not, all you need to do is scroll down and let your eyes do the work.

Once you find a font pairing that matches your brand’s personality, you simply select download and you’ve got your font pair.

These are all Google fonts so don’t about infringing copyright, you can use these all applications.

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02 | Canva

Ahh our beloved Canva, turning the technically challenged into graphic designers since 2012. While it’s not promoted within the Canva itself (Do better Canva!), their site does offer a freely available Font Combination search.

You simply select your starter font from the drop-down menu and it will bring up a number of well-fitted font combinations. You’re able to scroll through the examples of how the combination looks so you can get a real feel for the right font pairing for you.

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03 | Font Joy

Font Joy is a simple website that makes it really easy to mix and match different font combinations until you find the perfect match.

It’s more of a visual tool than anything else. You can’t download directly on the site and the site doesn’t tell you what fonts work best. Rather, it gives your suggestions. You pick a font you like then click the Generate button. Different font pairing recommendations will then be provided. You can lock a font or two and that helps narrow down the search until you find the perfect match.

If you’re a website developer or blogger, this is great because it your font combination is based on Heading, Sub-Heading and Paragraph. You can also adjust the boldness and style of the font which is cool but just keep in mind that you want to choose a selection that you can easily download through Google Fonts.

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04 | is a little more advanced but that’s because it offers more flexibility. Similar to the previous sites, you can scroll through and see curated font pairings. To download, click on the font names.

What’s unique about is that similar to Canva, you can also search for a font you’d like to use and it will bring up fonts that are highly compatible.

This is was a lifesaver for me personally. When I created my Squarespace site, I really loved the Brandon Grotesque that automatically installed with the theme I chose (Rally). However, I didn’t like the accompanying fonts. I wanted something that represented me and that I would be comfortable sharing on all my social media posts and brand assets.

I came to, searched my font and now Bodoni and Proxima Nova are happily married on my website. *three cheers*

Chloe Forbes-Kindlen |

05 | Google Web Fonts Typographic Project

This too is a collection of Google Font pairings curated for you and shared on a simple web page for you to scroll and see what appeals to you aesthetically.

Once you find a pairing that you like, you simply click on the font name and it will take you to a page you can automatically download to your computer.

Nice and easy!

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06 | Matcherator

Okay, so this tool is a little different. It doesn’t so much provide font combinations. Instead, it allows you to upload an image of a font in action and it will tell you what that font is.

The reason I share it with you is that often you’re on a site and you just LOVE the typography but you don’t know what it is. This solves that problem.

So they next time you’re checking out those good-looking websites, you can do it in stealth mode!

It’s a little bit easier than sending that awkward tweet, ‘Hey, your site is hot! What’s you’re type?



Do you have an interest in Typography? You might like this too!


When you know your type, it’s love at first site. (I know, but, I couldn’t resist)

It’s a bit like Tinder but for Typography haha.

Now, if you’re not really into Typography and understanding why certain fonts work together, this probably isn’t the best use of you time. However, if you are Typeconnection is a great site for teaching you how to match fonts.

It’s a fun little game to play if you’re interested in Typography and want to sharpen your skill set. I like it because it’s a great way to break the day up when that procrastination starts to hit while actually learning. Mind trickery for the win!

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All of these sites use Google Fonts and are completely free to use. They can be a huge time saver if you have a feel for what you want but don’t know how to mix and match.

Final Tips for Choosing The Right Font Combination For Your Brand

01 | Choose fonts that represent your brand and personality.

02 | Keep it simple. Choose a primary font, secondary font and an accent font.

03 | Create a visual hierarchy with headlines, sub-headlines, body copy, and captions. You can do this through your choice of font, size, weight/boldness and spacing.

04 | If in doubt, combine Serifs and Sans Serif fonts.

05 | Check you have access to your font pairing and can use it across the tools (e.g. Canva or Picmonkey) you use to ensure consistency. This is where Google Fonts becomes a great resource!

I hope you found this post valuable. If you did, subscribe for more good vibes or leave a comment below. I’ll see you there! :)

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