How To Increase Your Livestreaming Engagement

Are you struggling to increase engagement on Live broadcasts?

Let’s face it, engagement matters. It’s the conversation that drives the relationships being formed.

Don’t get me wrong, you may come across some broadcasters who don’t engage with those who comment but there are very few scenarios where this is accepted. For example,  if you are at an event or sharing something behind the scenes where it would be inappropriate to talk, that would be one of the exceptions.

So how do you build engagement while livestreaming?

01 | Being Your Truest Self

This one might be obvious but because livestreaming is so raw and real, it’s worth reiterating. You need to yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin. Your audience can see and sense your vibe. You want to create a relaxed atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable. That way, the conversation just flows.

People can also sense when you are playing a role or implementing a tactic. They are not stupid. The great thing about broadcasting in real time is that almost enforces that extra layer of transparency. Be your truest self. Your personality and good intentions will shine through.

02 | Focusing On Value Rather Than Engagement

This ties into the first point. People can see what your intentions are. If you are just using engagement as a tactic to get something you want, your audience will sense that. They will sense it then they will back away. Instead, focus on delivering value. If you deliver value then you are giving people a reason as to why they should engage in a conversation with you.

It’s their opportunity to ask you to build on a particular discussion point or ask a question in that moment.

03 | You Engage First

Remember that if you want people to engage with you, you have to engage with them. It comes back to the fact relationships are two- way.

Actively interact with those commenting on your own broadcasts. Next, take it one step further by making a point of going in and engaging with your community’s broadcasts.

This shows you genuinely care about building a relationship with them and are prepared to give, not just take.

04 | Ask Questions And Listen To Answers (build the conversation out)

When people join your broadcast, encourage them to say hi. If they are new, you might want to ask them to put up a certain emoji so that you can personally welcome them. That in itself is just good manners but it goes a long way.

Ask open ended questions so that your audience has a reason to reply or post. Sometimes it may seem like they aren’t engaged because they aren’t commenting but the truth is they are just listening along. If you can ask questions that give them the opportunity to engage, do that. This will also give you the opportunity to build on the value you deliver for that specific individual which goes a long way when it comes to loyalty.

05 | Encourage Community In The Comments

Another thing you can do is encourage your viewers to engage and interact with one another. In doing so, you are enabling relationships to be formed in the comments. This helps build solid community spirit leading to increased loyalty. It also adds value to you because you are the person who gets the credit for developing such a close community.

This is your ultimate goal. You want to create an engaged tight-knit community. It’s the core group of people who will go on to talk about you everywhere and share your content with their audiences providing access and attention from new people.

06 | Cross Promoting On Other Platform

Cross promoting your broadcasts can be a great way to draw viewers in from other platforms who may not have known you are active on the platform. It’s also a great way to encourage non-users to give it a go. That’s not to mention that it means repurposing content which saves time and adds value to other audiences.

You may want to let people know when you are broadcasting with directions on how to follow / watch / sign up.

If you have your account linked to Twitter, you can select the tweet button when setting up your broadcast so that it will also play natively in Twitter.

Also be sure to ask your viewers to share with their friends if they find it valuable. Viewers can share with their followers, on Facebook and on Twitter so this is a great opportunity to reach those untapped audiences too.

Remember that most people hang out in circles with those similar to them so there’s a good possibility they match your target audience too.

Biggest Takeaway

The biggest takeaway I can provide as shared throughout is that you have to be the one to step up and take the steps to build relationships with your audience. You have to give first. Only when you give and show you care will your audience start reciprocating. Earn the engagement, one connection and one conversation at a time.

I truly hope this post is of value to you.

Much love from my heart to yours.

Chloë xx