How To Nurture Your Community On Social Media


Building up a community on social media is one thing but retaining their attention and engagement is a whole other conversation; one we’re about to dive into. It’s so important to really think about how can continuously build on the relationships with your social media connections. It’s up to you as the business owner to strategically put steps in place and take the action required to nurture those connections and take that relationship to the next level.

Let’s take a look a just a few ways you can do that on social media.

01 | Share Exclusive Content

As with any social media platform you want to give your viewers a reason to visit and a reason to stay. If you want to drive conversions, you need to nurture those relationships. One great way of doing this is by sharing exclusive value to your community. This is something they can’t get anywhere else. It has to be platform specific.

Sharing exclusive value either via content discussed or discounts etc. means that you are giving people a reason to stay engaged always. This is a particularly useful technique when livestreaming.

If you were sharing the exact same advice everywhere then they may not have the same desire to watch. For this reason, you are encouraging people to join and stay. You are showing that this is a community that matters to you and you want to give them something in return for that.

Now the great thing about this technique is that you as you deliver that extra value, you can encourage your community to make a micro-commitment; a little ask that they can say ‘yes’ too.


  • PDF

  • Ebook

  • Cheat Sheet

  • Freebies

Over time, you can implement additional micro-commitments. Through this process, your audience feels like you are constantly providing value because you are. However, you are also nurturing that community and preparing them for a sale. That’s exactly what you want to achieve through sharing exclusive content.

The best micro-commitment you can achieve is having people on your email list because then you know exactly who is engaged and you have direct access to their inbox.

A quick tip on this one. It can be really difficult remembering the url you point people too when trying to encourage them to opt in for a freebie.

Make sure you include the url in your profile for the 24 hours that your broadcast is available on reply.

Include the url in your title so that people can see it in the name of the broadcast.

Create a shortened pretty link / link that makes it really easy to remember.

The best scenario is if you can use your (e.g. ) and update that landing page every time you have an opt in. That way, it adds to that exclusive community feel and you are making it really easy for viewers to take action. Setting up redirects will help with this on your end.

The easier you make it to take action, the more likely your community will and once they are on your email list (which is a form of conversion), you can continue to nurture them in a place you can control.

02 | Engage With Your Social Community (Everywhere)

This has been touched on. Let’s go into more detail.

As we discussed, the reason you engage is to show you care. You want to build that relationship. Firstly, that means engaging in your community’s broadcast.

Secondly, it’s important to understand that every social media platform is different so how individuals use each platform is different. As users, they naturally show different sides of their personality to fit natively to where they are hanging out.

As a business, by interacting with your community across different platforms, you are then able to engage those different layers of their personality and really get to know them on a much deeper level.

This nurtures relationships really well, you are able to think about next steps and strategically place those microcommitments in and it’s also great market research for you. The better you understand your customer, the better you are able to serve them.

Being able to pick up on how they use each of the various platforms will indicate to you, the business, how you should be communicating your message to them in a way they understand.

Resource: Nimble CRM

I know time can be a big concern when it comes to nurturing your community. It’s important to keep in mind these are your potential sales. This should be a top priority.

The right tool can make a huge difference though. I recommend Nimble CRM. It’s a great company run by amazing people. The tool itself allows you to connect all your social sites and contacts, tag them, set reminders to fall up and respond to your community in one inbox right on the dashboard. It also allows you to manage your sales funnel depending on what your process is. Check it out, there’s a 14 day free trial before you need to decide whether it’s something you want to purchase.

03 |  Make Your Community Feel Important

If you make your community feel important to you then they’ll feel loyal to you. People don’t buy products and services. People buy emotions. If you can gain that emotional investment before they’ve purchased anything then you’ve removed the risk.

If you are targeting correctly, you have a solid value proposition and you nurture your community, they will start moving to a place where they want to buy from you.

Emotional investment leads to financial investment.

The key to be very real about it though. It can’t be a tactic. As mentioned, people can see through that. You genuinely have to care, you genuinely have to provide value and you genuinely have to make your community feel important…because they are.

The more you nurture your community, the closer you  bring them from a social mindset to a transactional mindset. You’ll notice that in this community nurturing stage, you’re already getting conversions through email and maybe even directly through sales. Why? because you’ve earned them.

As always, I truly hope you found this valuable.

Much love from my heart to yours.

Chloë x


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