Maximise Your Sales on Social Media with NimbleCRM


I’ve been having a lot of conversations lately about customer relationship management (CRM) software.

It got me thinking, maybe you have some questions about this too?

You might even be wondering what CRM software does…

What is a CRM System?

Customer relationship management system as it sounds, allows you to manage the relationships you have with connections, prospects and customers.

We live busy lives. Social media is a noise place. It’s tough to keep up. As a result, potential sales fall through the cracks.

More often than not, this is simply because people lose touch and relationships don’t have a chance to grow.

That’s where crm software comes in. It provides a system that allows you stay on top of all your connections and prioritise building relationships with those key individuals who are likely to become customers.

So let’s get down to the big question.

What crm software do I recommend?

The one and only crm software I recommend is Nimble. I recommend it for the following reasons:

It’s focused on social. I’ve always got all of my sales through social media. I may have met a person offline or through a mutual connection but it’s always been through nurturing that relationship via social media that I’ve made the sale. This is exactly what Nimble is set up for. It’s a social crm system that is highly intuitive and integrated with a gazillion social apps. Okay, maybe not that many but you get the idea.

It offers a social inbox where you can respond to connections across various platforms all in the one place. You can tag people, set reminders, add notes as you learn information through conversations. You can add them to a pre-configured sales pipelines and even reach out via email.

These are just some of the benefits. I should also mention it’s just $25/month which is pretty incredible when you see some of it’s capabilities. It also comes with a 14 day free trial.

Now there are others out there. I’m 100% biased on this one. I started with Nimble and I found their software and staff to be so incredible that I could never leave.

What are some crm alternatives?

I have dabbled in some other sites to know they are good recommendations though so here’s just a few others you might like to check out:

– Contactually

– Agile CRM

– Hubspot CRM

It’s really important that you find the solution that starts with you. You’ll learn that by establishing the exact requirements you need from the crm software, your budget and by taking time to research.

It’s always worth the time doing research because if you get it right first time, you gain that time back so quickly and it avoids shiny object syndrome.

The bottom line…

The biggest struggle on social media is turning connections into customers and finding the time to make that happen through building relationships with people. It’s not easy but the right social crm software makes it possible and manageable.

I didn’t want to go into a crazy amount of detail but I did want to answer some of the big questions I’ve been receiving. If there is something you’re not sure about or you have a question you’d like to ask, you know you can always leave a question below right?

I’m here to help.

Have a beautiful day.



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