How to Integrate your Social Media Marketing


Often as small business owners we can be doing a great job online but still struggle to achieve the desired results. Quite often this is because we have failed to fully integrate ALL marketing communication channels online and offline.

Social media and the various marketing communication channels that we choose to use are just pieces of a jigsaw when it comes to marketing your business.

Your job as the business owner is to fit all your different jigsaw pieces of your puzzle together.

Show your customers that big picture vision and give them something to buy into.

It's important to align everything you do. Look for ways to integrate all your different communication channels online and offline and create that synergy.

There are lot of ways you can do this depending on your marketing communications mix.

Here's some inspiration just to get you started:

Social Media

     - Drive traffic to your website / blog / lead magnet


     - Encourage email opt-ins or sign ups for sales /events etc, 


     - Sell directly or raise awareness for a particular promotion

Print Materials

     - Raise awareness for online social media presence and email offline


      - Let people know they can reach out in social media (if comfortable)

Business Cards

      - Social icons/ Website links on your business card

Networking Events / Conferences

     - Connect with attendees on social media and engage throughout the event through the set hashtags


     - Connect with attendees, encourage people to use a hashtag to discuss, encourage cross interaction and even include a lead magnet at the end to encourage email opt-ins.

Keep in mind everything it's not about sending people here, there and everywhere. It's about creating and communicating one clear message. Only then will they know what the next step is and how to take it.


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