How To Change Your Facebook Link Preview Image on Squarespace

Let’s face it, the modern day social web is all about visual. It’s the beautiful images and videos that sets our content apart in a user’s busy news feed.

That’s why, the first time I shared my blog post on Facebook, I was super confused that the featured image didn’t show up. It was just the link, no picture, nothing.

Chloe Forbes-Kindlen _ Squarespace _ How To Change Facebook Preview Image.png

What gives Squarespace? No one is going to click a random link.

If you’ve tried to share your blog post out especially on Facebook, you’ve probably come across the same issue.

Not to worry, there’s an easy fix.

Step 1 | Go to Design > Logo and Title

Chloe Forbes-Kindlen _ Facebook Link Preview 1.png

Step 2 | Scroll to ‘Social Sharing Logo’


Step 3 | Upload an Image you can include in all your blog post shared (1200 x 630 px)

Chloe Forbes-Kindlen _ Facebook Link Preview 3.png

Note: You can create a new image through Canva or Picmonkey

Step 4 | Hit Save. Done! Woohoo.


If this process doesn’t work, you may need to reset the link Facebook is crawling to update. To do this visit paste in your blog url. Clear your cache and refresh. This should update the link.

As always, test it out, just to make sure.

I truly hope you find this valuable. Comment below and subscribe if you’re feeling the vibe.

Much love.