A Review Of TCMA 2016


So I’m feeling a little guilty as I’m pretty much last to do my TCMA Review.

And I was trying to think of what i could add that would be of value to you.

You can’t measure a life-changing experience in words or nickel and dimes.

In the end, I decided to share my biggest speaker takeaways in 4-line rhymes.

Amy Schmittauer – Keynote (@SavvySexySocial)

Amy’s presenting was just amazing as she unravelled our fear of video.

We have the perfect set up in our pockets to record wherever we go.

We did our first recording then and there just to prove that we could.

It’s just about getting started, it’s okay if those first ones aren’t good.

Col Gray (@PixelsInk)

Col spoke about the tone of voice we adopt as part of our brand.

Branding is more than just a logo as Col helped us to understand.

We have to consider our vision, our audience and our value proposition.

If we want to turn our current marketing strategies into fruition.

Caroline McKenna (@CharityPeeks)

Caroline’s talk was about building trust in charities through creating content.

It works but helpfulness, authenticity and transparency have to be our intent.

Delivered in context of the third sector but the principles applied to us all.

Sharing openly with good intentions has to always be the standard protocol.

Kate Mcquillan (@Kate_Mcquillan)

Kate shared Marcus Sheridan’s ‘They ask, we answer’ philosophy.

It’s about putting customers first & making use of technology.

Take time to understand the problems that our customer’s face.

Provide the solutions on your website, your content’s home base.

Richard Tubb (@Tubblog)

Richard Tubb highlighted the importance of us learning to delegate.

If we truly want to own our business then that can’t be up for debate.

Talking productivity hacks like outsourcing & the pomodoro technique.

It’s about working ON our businesses more if we want to reach our peak.

Julie Christie (@TeaBreakTog)

We can attract ideal customers through the webinars we choose to teach.

We can connect with all our potential customers that we’re trying to reach.

Webinars are a content medium that can help build up huge amounts of trust.

But we have to think less about the selling, more about providing value first.

Pete Matthew – Keynote (@PeteMatthew)

Who knew making sense of money matters and finance could sound cool.

It’s about helping people change lives, not the maths you learned at school.

Our core motivation should be less financial and more about serving first.

When you deliver real value for your customers, you’ll naturally be reimbursed.

Ann Handley – Keynote (@AnnHandley)

If we want to stand out then our content has to be big, brave and bold.

All of the overused marketing tactics are just getting a little bit old.

So don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, take a risk or even say poop.

You’ll never lead the way if you’re stuck following the rest of the group.

Kevin Anderson (@KevAnderson)

Kev heart-felt talk received a standing ovation as he stole the show.

I think he touched so many lives in those 10 mins than he’ll ever know.

The message I received is to be brave in being open, honest and real.

And if you’re feeling alone, talk to someone rather than try to conceal.

Laura Lucas (@1LauraLucas)

Sometimes when we put content out there, it feels like tumbleweed.

Thats often when we lose hope, want to give up and concede.

But you can’t just ring Google and invite traffic to come in and sit.

It takes time and consistency, so don’t give up, just freaking do it .

Bert Van Loon (@BertVanLoon)

Bert Val Loon broke his content strategy down like it was a jigsaw.

Showed us how it all fit together perfectly, leaving us all in awe.

The reality is that marketing communications are always changing.

We have to think about the steps if we want our brand to be engaging.

Alasdair McGill (@Ali_Mcgill)

We  need to focus on designing services with our customers at the core.

We can’t grow our businesses if it’s something we choose to ignore.

Combining content and service design can help build our reputation.

It’s about delivering an experience that exceeds customer expectation.

Mark Schaefer – Keynote (@MarkWSchaefer)

Mark was a total badass when talking content, even dropped “the Handley line.”

Community & conversations will spread your message on the social grapevine

Asking the return on investment on social is like asking the return on heart.

Just being human isn’t a whole strategy but it sure is a good place to start.

With that I conclude two days of gaining magical insights and knowledge

Can you imagine how geeky we’d choose to be if you learned this at college?

Chris Marr - Organiser (@ChrisMarr101)

One last shout out to the person who put this community together, Chris Marr

Because without him none of this would be possible, he’s an absolute star.

If you didn’t make it to The Content Marketing Academy Conference 2016, it’s all good, I’ll

see you at the next one , right? ;)


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