5 Things @WWEDanielBryan Can Teach You About Growing A Successful Business

So I wrote this blog post ages ago…we’re talking years. I never published it though. I’m not entirely sure why.

As a WWE wrestling fan and as a small business owner, Daniel Bryan is my hero.

Tonight he is meant to be retiring and honestly I’m devastated.

It does make me want to share this post though. Almost as a thank you.

I haven’t edited it or changed it. It’s exactly as it was written, the day after Wrestlemania 30.

It was a pretty special moment.

I really hope you get some value from it.

ONE: Everyone Loves An Underdog

Let’s face it, when it comes to WWE and even wrestling in general, there is a stereotype when it comes to looks. Small, lean and vegan may be great attributes for the ladies but when it comes to the guys, it’s all about the oiled up muscle man clean cut look. Vince Mcmahon himself laughed quoting to Wrestler Chris Jericho:

“Who’s going to buy someone who doesn’t even eat meat?” 

The reality is that when it comes to the wrestling business, Daniel Bryan is the ultimate underdog. This is what has made him so great. He doesn’t have huge muscles. He hasn’t got a big ego. He’s just a regular guy (or girl) like the rest of us.That makes him relatable. This is the one quality we all must have if we want to build a real, genuine connection with our customers.

Customers need to feel like they are on the same level as you. Everyone is trying to create a better lives for themselves and they are so supportive of others they can relate to because it gives them hope. You have been able to make it happen so maybe they can too.

TWO: Embrace Your Personal Brand

Be who you are because when you embrace your DNA, the uniqueness of your truest self, you stand out. As mentioned, Daniel Bryan is 5ft 8 and weighs circa 200 pounds, he’s vegan and tea-total. He also believes in living a self-sustaining lifestyle where possible. He is completely unique in the world of wrestling. While many wrestlers try to fit the typical WWE stereotype, hitting the gyms and the tanning studios,

Daniel Bryan embraced his own personal brand. We’re talking pale skin, flannel shirts and a rather spectacular beard. Now, that’s how to stand out in the business.

You have to do this same. You have to embrace your true identity and be your authentic self. If you have a team, you need to allow them to be themselves too. Creating a culture based on who you are allows you to attract like-minded people, people who want to be in your community. Community is everything.

THREE: Build Your Tribe

Can you imagine what it feels like to have thousands upon thousands of people chanting ‘Yes, Yes, Yes’ because you have fought through every challenge to reach the ultimate prize? In

Daniel Bryan‘s case, the WWE Championship. Just watch, it’s spine tingling!

That’s what happens when you build a tribe; a community greater than yourself. They are loyal to you because you put them first. You don’t say you care, you show you care and you do it by showing up every single day and working your butt off – not for yourself but for your community.

When you get to that point, it’s not just about sharing the great times, it’s about supporting one another through the bad times. Being there. The best week of

Daniel Bryan‘s life was headlining WWE Wrestlemania event, winning the WWE Heavyweight Championship and marrying the love of his life, WWE diva, Brie Bella.

It’s easy bask in the glory of success, to jump on the bandwagon but the real value of your community is tested in the difficult times.

FOUR: Master Your Craft

Daniel Bryan spent a good 8-10 years mastering his craft on the indie scene. He traveled all over the world often sleeping in his car because he wanted to be the best. He didn’t just stick to wrestling. He learned all kinds of martial arts, jiu jitsu and other sports to ensure that he was building on his passion and skillset at all times. He didn’t care about the fame or the money, he just wanted to be the best and entertain his audience. This can only be evidenced by his dedication even wrestling 60 minutes with a detached retina.

Now that’s inspiration!

(Also crazy and never recommended but…)

As a business owner, you need to master your craft. You are never an expert, when you learn something new, there is always somewhere else you can go, there’s always another way to grow. Don’t worry so much about looking good and put all your effort into being good. No excuses!

“Dedication is the work you do when nobody is watching.”

FIVE: Be The Good Guy

Good guys finish last?

Daniel Bryan has certainly proved just how wrong that is. By being honest, by respecting the locker room, by being reliable and doing what is right is why everyone loves Daniel Bryan.There is nothing negative you can say about him because he’s just a nice guy. That can seem rare in the world of business but it’s important that you know good guys finish first.

Be the good guy who is honest, transparent and real – as cliche as those words may sound. It has to be genuine. Customers aren’t stupid and they certainly won’t buy into someone they can see straight through. This has to be who you are and you have to have good intentions.  Again it comes down to trust. If customers trust in your message and see that you are the biggest believer in it, they will buy into your tribe and choose to be part of it.

Grow A Beard

Okay, that’s six and not all of can but c’mon, respect the beard ;)

Huge respect to the beard and the pretty incredible dude carrying it off.

Daniel Bryan/ Bryan Danielson taught me a lot about business. Lessons that have helped me get to where I am today.

I truly hope you got something from these 5 points too.

Let me know :)

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