Coaching provides the perfect balance between learning how to 'do it yourself' with the support and accountability to follow through and implement changes that help you and your business grow.


Ways Coaching Can Help You


  • Business confidante and a safe environment where you can share the core challenges you are currently facing.

  • Someone that can show you how to put the individual pieces of the jigsaw in place step by step.

  • Growth in confidence and the ability for you stand up and share your message as a leader.

  • Learn from someone who has grown their business from nothing and helped several others do the same using these methods.


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People I've Helped


"Can make things happen!"

Chloe, without a doubt, is one of the brightest people I know. Do not be taken in by her youthful appearance — she has a keen mind, brilliant insights and an incredible skill set that she uses to great effect on behalf of her clients. She and I have had several phone conversations (despite the fact that we are separated by an ocean and a six-hour time difference) and I find myself jotting down the pearls of wisdom about marketing and social media that pour from her as naturally as water from a spring. Chloe can make things happen in your business. I highly recommend her.

- Jackie Harder, Key Dynamics

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"Incredibly Impressed..."

I was overwhelmed by the work I needed to do to give my business more media profile. Chloe took me in hand and patiently gave me the “dummies” guide to social media and marketing. I have been incredibly impressed with her professionalism, work ethos, integrity and creativity.

- Lindsay Davidson, Lindsay Davidson Podiatry

Are We A Fit?

Some things are just go together. Peanut butter and jelly. Scotland and rain. The moon and the stars. Milk and cookies... Well, not always, I'm gluten and lactose intolerant. :( 

The point is, sometimes things can sound good together but they don't necessarily work for every single person. 

Before investing in your growth, it's important that we're a good fit. If you got this far and you like my jam, you'd be nuts not to work together. Okay, okay, puns aside, if you have a question at all, feel free to send me an email any time.

I am here to serve you! 

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