My job is to provide solutions to the obstacles you face in the digital space. I'm here to serve you! 

That means if you have a problem and you can't find the answer in any of these courses, you can reach out to me any time and I'll make it happen! If I can't, I'll find someone who can. 


How to Build your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Each one of us have our own personal brand whether we are an entrepreneur or employee. Learn how to harness the power of LinkedIn to unlock huge opportunities and become known in your field.

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Workin' it with Wordpress

When setting up your website, you have two main challenges; the technical aspects of putting a website together and the actual conversion of sales. Learn both and figure out how you can use Wordpress to convert sales for your business.

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Getting Started on Social

This is a 5 day crash course in social media management. Learn how to put a strategy together and implement it in a way that drives real business results without the huge costs in time and money. Woohoo!