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Develop An Inbound Marketing Strategy That Converts Your Customers Consistently.


Right now your ideal customers are online talking about you but you’re nowhere to be found. For every conversation you are not a part of, you are encouraging another paying customer to buy into a competitor…. and it all happens without you even knowing about it.

It’s time for change!

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Does This Sound Like You? 

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Skip the overwhelm. Let’s develop a digital marketing plan that generates a steady pipeline of leads and grows your business long-term! You in?



Imagine. How Would You Feel If Your Business Could…

 ✓ Publish high quality content consistently that drives engagement with your ideal buyers.

✓ Address your ideal buyer’s objections and guide them from a ‘social’ mindset into a transactional one.

✓ Produce a reliable pipeline of leads, sales & opportunities.

✓ Create a social experience that converts visitors and followers into leads and sales.

✓ Deliver clear brand messaging that connects and engages your ideal buyer personas.

✓ Educate and impress prospects at each stage of the customer journey.


There is no secret recipe to digital marketing success. Cookie cutters don’t work. If you want tangible, sustainable business growth, you need clarity in your direction. That direction has to align with YOUR ideal customer’s journey. It takes deep work but through carrying out a comprehensive analysis coupled with the right holistic inbound marketing approach, together, we’ll develop a digital marketing strategy that works for you (not the other way round!).



Your Unique Digital Marketing Experience


01 | Discovery

Let’s get to know each other! We’ll set up a call to discuss your current digital marketing strategy. We’ll look at where you are now, where you want to be and how I can help you get there.

I will ask some key questions regarding your business, core value proposition, target market, marketing and daily operations. This information is critical to understanding your business and how social media marketing fits into it. 

At the end of the call, we can both decide if we’re a good fit and would like to move forward with a 90-day digital marketing plan.


02 | 90 Day Plan

Boiler-plate strategies to the left and overwhelm to the right. This is about achieving results for you, your business and your customers. We’ll begin by carrying out a comprehensive analysis of your current digital marketing strategy. This entails diving deep into your brand, your competitors, your customers and the overall market/industry.

Once this research is compiled and reviewed, we’ll create a prioritised list of 3 core recommendations to follow in your 90-day inbound digital marketing action plan.

We’ll define and develop clear systems, workflows and resources to ensure your initial strategy is implemented correctly and consistently over the next 90 days. Critical success factors will be identified and key performance indicators will be put in place to ensure each action aligns with your company’s desired outcome.

03 | 90 Day Year

After 90 days, you’ll be able to see the progress we’ve made together. If you’re happy with the results, you can decide if you’d like to continue working together for the next 12 months and beyond. Just think of me as an extension of your current team! We’ll work in 90-day increments to help identify opportunities for growth by focusing on specific, intentional steps at age stage.


 I recently hired Chloe Forbes-Kindlen to put together a Social Media Strategy for my business. The strategy she created was detailed, specific, and perfectly tailored to my business goals and preferred social media platforms. Using this Strategy I was able to focus in on the most productive efforts and release that nagging sense of guilt we all have about not being active on every single platform. I'm now working with Chloe to create effective funnels for the various aspects of my business. Chloe is kind, professional, and highly talented at what she does. She is also extremely patient with a not so tech-savvy client like me. She's now my go-to for all my social media needs!

- Erin Hollon, Ivy + Light

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 Frequently Asked Questions

Before you decide whether we’re a good fit, you probably have some questions. That’s great! I’ve done my best to answer these below. If you still have some questions, you can email me any time and I’ll be sure to get back to you asap. 

+ What is a digital marketing strategist?

Think of me as an extended member of your team developing online marketing systems, strategies and solutions to meet the company’s business goals.

In other words, I make your digital marketing problems go away.

I do that by providing you with the right systems, strategies and support required to achieve sustainable business growth.

+ Who does an Digital Marketing Strategist help?

Short answer: I help anyone who wants to use the internet to serve their customers in the best way possible and in turn, create a greater impact and sustainable growth.

If you’re in a position to invest time, all my content is free and you can sign up to my newsletter where you can email me anytime.

If you’re in a position to invest money, then this page is designed to help you decide if we're a good fit to work together.

+ Who is this for?


01 | You understand the value of social media marketing but don’t know where to start.

02 | You have a clear brand message that you want to build a community around.

03 | You don’t know what content to post or which platforms you should be on.

04 | You aren’t sure how to use social media to generate sales for your business.

05 | You are ready to invest the time and money in your long -term growth.

+ What Results Can I Expect?

Let me be straight, I cannot guarantee results for your business. There are far too many variables at play.

What I can tell you is that in order to see tangible and financial results, it takes time, at the very least 6-12 months, hence why my contracts are 12 months.

I can also share with you the experience my previous clients have had through testimonials they were kind enough to share.

If the right strategy is executed profitably you will see an increase in customer loyalty, retention and acquisition over time but you need to be willing to invest in yourself and your customers first before you can set the expectation that they will invest in you.

+ What exactly does a Digital Marketer do?

My job is to work with you and your team to implement a digital strategy for sustainable online growth. We look at your website, content marketing, social media platforms, customer journey, logistics and execution, analytics and much more.

It's important to note, this isn't a service whereby you fill in a questionnaire, I create a strategy pdf then send it back to you. Cookie cutters belong in the kitchen, not your business.

This is about creating an ongoing working relationship whereby we implement specific strategic steps, based on a clear understanding of your company, across a set timeline.

+ How much does it cost to hire a Digital Marketer?

I know how frustrating it is to hear ‘it depends’ so while it does, I want to give you a baseline to work from.

Typically, to hire a Digital Marketing Director in-house, you can expect to pay a salary of between $50k and $120k per year.

If you are outsourcing, for most small to medium sized business, consultants/agencies on retainer generally run anywhere between $2-30k per month.

I currently charge $200/hr (£170/hr) for my services.

Ongoing projects and retainer-based (12 months minimum) client investments typically run anywhere between $3-$10k per month depending on the scope of the project.

+ Who is this not for?

This is a big role that interchanges with the business owner’s needs. Typically, a working relationship includes a combination of consulting and project work. I’m pretty flexible in that regard however, I am not a good fit for you if:

01 | If you are looking to outsource 100% of your online marketing.

02 | If you are looking for someone to run your social media accounts.

03 | If you are not ready to fully invest in your customers and your digital growth in the long-term.

04 | If you are not open to change, new perspectives, constructive feedback and taking risks.

05 | If you are looking for a low cost solution.

+ Are we a fit?

Some things are just go together. Peanut butter and jelly. Scotland and rain. The moon and the stars. Milk and cookies...Well, not always, I'm celiac :( The point is, sometimes things can sound good together but they don't necessarily work for every single person.

Before investing in your growth, it's important that we're a good fit. If you got this far and you like my jam, you'd be nuts not to work together. Okay, okay, puns aside, if you have a question at all, feel free to send me an email any time.



Your Next Step

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If you’re interested in learning more about how I can help you with your Digital Marketing Strategy, let’s start a conversation.

Within 48 hours of submitting your inquiry form, you will receive an email with a full intake form to complete and a link to book your initial strategy call. This will ensure we make the most of our time together.

If you have any questions beforehand, feel free to email me anytime 

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