Project Overview

C4 Compete has worked with JDR Healthcare over a number of years to create content in the form of social media graphics, videos and text posts. Our goal is to keep things light and fun for social engagement. You can find a small selection of this work below. 

21192041_889192587896444_2030404151835612009_n 2.jpg
17992147_809396712542699_3828609199590086829_n 2.jpg
21270977_890266101122426_7237730301587121383_n 2.jpg
21272563_890349721114064_1871067672694990576_n 2.jpg
18010324_809391469209890_3221590731693698511_n 2.jpg
18010452_809386752543695_5312805979834405713_n 2.jpg
jdr 2.jpg
25396017_940955646053471_2503900418669361344_n 2.png