Project Overview

As part of Life on Fire’s brand relaunch, C4 Compete was hired to fill the role as Interim Social Media Director until the company could hire someone in-house as per our strategic recommendation. This role was largely focused around content creation, scheduling, uploading, and analysis on Facebook and Instagram. The other key area we were and continue to be involved in was the graphic creation for online marketing ads inc. but not limited to Facebook, YouTube and banner ads.

You can find a selection of the work carried out below.


LOF _ Ignite Promo.png
Life on Fire #1 (2).png
Copy of Life on Fire _ Perfect Year Graphics (1).png
Life on Fire #1 (4).png
Life On Fire 2.png
Ignite #1 (2).png
LOF _ Celebs #1 (1).png
Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of LOF _ Ignite Campaign.png
Copy of LOF _350 x 250 Jan Challenge.png
LOF _ Celebs #1.png
Copy of Life on Fire _ Perfect Year Graphics.png
Life on Fire #1 (3).png