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...Whispers The Heart.

I wanted a place on the internet that I could store my thoughts so I can return to them any time. I thought about using a social media platform but I wanted a place to share the written transcription of the conversation between my heart and my mind. Like a diary. 

Even though a lot of this site is about business, there's no better place to share my soul than this place I call home. As my heart beats, these notes fill in the breaks serving as little reminders that life is the most magical journey. Each day you get to wake up and meet a better version of yourself. 

These thoughts are my own but I hope you find something here too. 

Much love from my heart to yours. 

Chloë x

There is no such thing as a life greater than your own.
Try not to disrespect your heart by hearing what it needs only to give it the opposite.
We may live in the grey but we can still CHOOSE to see the colour.
Your mind is like a pencil. It can create the most beautiful universe. Just remember to keep it sharp, to always be open to learning more.
Time is your greatist currency. Spend it wisely and try to avoid those who are only dealing in counterfeit.
The pursuit of creation comes from our relentless desire to reach the heart of just one in the crowd.
Be honest. Spread Love. Create.

You have the power to change the world one connection and one conversation at time. Even if you don’t change the world for everyone, if you can change it for one person, that’s everything, especially if that person is you!
Life was never certain. Roll with it. Sometimes the greatest risk in life is never taking one at all.
Stitch up your scars and weave them into your beautiful story.
Don’t be so precious about dressing your wounds. Unwrap your heart and free your soul. You are a beautiful mess, let it go.
Me first. You always.
Sometimes you can’t fake it till you make it, you have to face it till you make it.
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Inconsistency is a poison that prevents progression.
You don’t know what you’re capable of until you go past the furthest point you’ve ever been.
The sun rises and falls every single day, remember it’s only a passing phase before you rise and shine once more.
If you don’t believe or expect the good, that’s the message you put out into the universe. Therefore, you can’t be upset when that’s exactly with what is returned to you.
When everything feels like it’s upside down remember that every passing moment is a chance to turn it all around.