Natalie MacLean,

Chloe is an exceptionally gifted marketer. She's able to tackle projects quickly, yet still delivers polished and professional work. Her creativity and intelligence shine, as does her warmth and interpersonal skills. She does a variety of projects for me, from social media to graphics and design. My only hesitation in recommending her is that she gets so many clients so becomes to busy for mine ;)

- Natalie MacLean,

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Ray Rosario, Ackerman's Music Center

Finally, I found the right person to help me grow my business in the digital age! Chloë Forbes-Kindlen is not just an expert with social media platforms and website development. In addition and just as importantly Chloë understands, applies, and teaches business owners the concepts and strategies necessary to be competitive and profitable in today’s marketplace! I have never known anyone like Chloë with such a complete skill set!

- Ray Rosario, Ackerman's Music Center

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Laura Lucas PhD,

I needed to streamline my content marketing strategy so I have time to work with my clients. I've already invested in social media training and am familiar with many tools, but it was still taking too much time and effort! I wanted to reduce the effort without completely handing over my social media to someone else. Chloe fully understood my needs and came up with a strategy that frees my time and effort to focus on adding value for my clients. Her knowledge goes way beyond the technical, to building engagement and relationships. She really understood my audience. Thanks Chloe, I look forward to working with you again in future, Laura :-)

- Laura Lucas Ph.D,

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Mari Smith, Mari Smith International

Chloë is an exceptional worker! She's super creative with graphics, visuals, fonts, colors, and video creation. She's very skilled at quickly 'getting' exactly what I wanted and works super well on her own initiative. I was blown away by the sheer volume of beautiful visuals and video clips she created for my social media channels. She is a machine!!! ha! Yet her accuracy, quality of work and attention to detail is impeccable. She has a strong work ethic and high integrity. (I also love that she's a fellow Scot!) I would have no hesitation in recommending Chloë for a variety of project needs, but especial production of top notch social media visual content and content management!

- Mari Smith, Mari Smith International

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Erin Hollon, Ivy + Light

I recently hired Chloe Forbes-Kindlen to put together a Social Media Strategy for my business. The strategy she created was detailed, specific, and perfectly tailored to my business goals and preferred social media platforms. Using this Strategy I was able to focus in on the most productive efforts and release that nagging sense of guilt we all have about not being active on every single platform. I'm now working with Chloe to create effective funnels for the various aspects of my business. Chloe is kind, professional, and highly talented at what she does. She is also extremely patient with a not so tech-savvy client like me. She's now my go-to for all my social media needs!

- Erin Hollon, Ivy + Light

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Paul Mudd CFCIPD MIOEE, The Mudd Partnership

I would strongly recommend Chloe for the following reasons. She is an excellent communicator and very clear thinking. She has made some excellent practical suggestions in the use of IT, Social Media & Marketing practice, which are already adding a distinct value to The Mudd Partnership and its continuing visibility and growth, &, I look forward to her continuing advice and support on our future marketing journey.

- Paul Mudd CFCIPD MIOEE, The Mudd Partnership

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Jane Mudd, The Mudd Partnership

As two local businesses we are building a relationship of mutual benefit. Chloe is quite inspirational in her passion both for marketing and building a business based on her values and creative drive.

I am more than happy to endorse Chloe, her business and her work and look forward to continuing our work together.

- Jane Mudd, The Mudd Partnership

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Tim Martin, The Mind Boutique

I immediately warmed to Chloe as she is really very honest and a great communicator. Chloe was given a task of designing a campaign and copy which she turned around ultra quick. It was complex in nature and yet she managed to adhere to the brief challenge it appropriately and produce fantastic copy and marketing strategy. This individual deserves to really do well in business. I am more than happy to give direct feedback to anyone who wishes to hire her amazing services simply call myself or my pa on 0207 0471964.

- Tim Martin, The Mind Boutique

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Chloe Forbes-Kindlen
Derek Ramsay, JDR Healthcare

Chloe has grown our communities online that were previously non-existent. We now have a highly engaged social community across various platforms that have resulted in greater brand awareness and sales for our business. We are very happy with all she has done for us and would definitely recommend.

- Derek Ramsay, JDR Healthcare

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Jackie Harder, Key Dynamics

Chloe, without a doubt, is one of the brightest people I know. Do not be taken in by her youthful appearance -- she has a keen mind, brilliant insights and an incredible skill set that she uses to great effect on behalf of her clients.  She and I have had several phone conversations (despite the fact that we are separated by an ocean and a six-hour time difference) and I find myself jotting down the pearls of wisdom about marketing and social media that pour from her as naturally as water from a spring. 

Chloe can make things happen in your business. I highly recommend her.

- Jackie Harder, Key Dynamics

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