Social Media Strategy Development

Social Media Strategy Development


You need a strategy! Without that, you don’t have a foundation to build your business upon. This is true for every aspect of your business especially social media.

In order to achieve real results from social media, you need a clear road map with directions and established milestones so that you know that your progressing on your journey.

If you’re ready to fully integrate social media into your brand and use the digital world to build your brand awareness, engage your customers and leverage content to generate revenue for your business, this is for you.

What’s Included:

  • In-Depth Client Intake Questionnaire

  • Full Social Media Audit & Review

  • Initial 60-minute Consultation (via Video)

  • Complete Strategy Development

  • Tools, Resources and Tutorials

  • 60 Minute Follow Up Strategy Call

  • Social Media Launch Guide

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How It Works

1. In-Depth Intake Questionnaire

When you sign up, you'll go through a comprehensive intake questionnaire. I ask some key questions regarding your business, core value proposition, target market, marketing and daily operations. This information is critical to understanding your business and how social media marketing fits into it. 

I will then reach out to you to confirm your purchase and you will receive a link to book your initial consultation at a time that best suits you.


2. Prep Work

Using your intake questionnaire as a guide, I carry out some initial market research. This research includes your brand, your competitors, your customers and the overall market/industry. I'll do a full review of your current social media presence and develop some key points and questions to discuss during our initial consultation. 


3. Initial Consultation

We'll have a 90-minute video call (via zoom) to discuss your current business strategy, how social media fits into your daily operations, your goals and objectives and the biggest challenges you are currently facing. 

If you have a team,  I always encourage key decision makers in your social media, marketing, and daily operations team to be present. This way we can ensure this discussion is productive and aligns all aspects of your business. 


4. Strategy Development

Now it's time to get to work! We will spend four weeks developing your social media strategy in depth. This will include developing your brand design and style, your community growth strategy, content strategy, sales funnels and conversation strategy, as well as, working out the logistics when it comes to executing your strategy.

We'll develop systems, workflows, and resources to ensure your strategy is simple to implement on a consistent basis and aligns with your goals and objectives for social media marketing.


5. The Finished Product

Voilà! I will deliver your finished social media strategy via email. Once you've had the opportunity to go through your completed strategy, we'll have another 90-minute call where I'll talk you through each step. You can ask any remaining questions that you have and I'll provide any live tutorials you would like to request. This call will be recorded and available so you can refer back to it at any time. 


6. Let's Do It!

It's time to execute. To celebrate the completion of your new strategy in style, I'll send you a launch guide to help you generate hype and begin your strategic social success with a BANG! 


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