Work The Workflow

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Work The Workflow


From Procrastination to Productivity.  

Having the right systems and workflows in place saves your time, improves your efficiency, ensures quality standards and kept and provides an enhanced experience for your customers which results in a HUGE increase in customer lifetime value. Oh, and did I mention it stops you pulling your hair out while procrastinating dreaming about being productive?

It doesn't matter whether it's organising your business hub, managing your day, executing your marketing, creating videos and podcasts, dealing with clients or creating your online course, you need systems and workflows!

During this call, we'll talk through your current systems and processes before defining the leaky holes and frustration points. We'll look at your end goals, overall business strategy and discuss your desired outcome. 

We'll then shuffle some things around, do a little virtual boogie and put together a system that integrates into your overall business and lifestyle. 

Sound good?



  • 45-minute video/voice session via Zoom (Recording available)
  • Action step follow up worksheet
  • Option for additional support available


Please note: This call includes ONE workflow. If we tried to squeeze everything in, the end output will suffer... and ain't nobody got time for that ;) 

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If you feel like you might need something more in depth, please contact me directly or check out the Work with Me page.