Your Digital Marketing Sidekick

I’m Chloë. When I was 4, I used to sing for sweets & money. Now I help you make that paper & honey with a stunning website your customers love!

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I started this online adventure back in 2012 when I received another job rejection letter… this time for a minimum wage toilet cleaning job. I remember thinking,

'Did I really just bust by buns off at University to be told I’m not good enough to be a toilet cleaner?'

Just like that. I had no money, no experience and nothing to sell.

What I did have was a broken Sony Vaio laptop, my brain and an internet connection.

I learned how to build my first website. I used every social media platform to connect and engage. I hustled my way into freelancing jobs doing everything I could to build my reputation and experience.

As I started achieving results for clients, my business grew and now I get to wake up everyday and help people just like you!

I didn't do it all alone though. Along the way I met some pretty incredibly people who had a huge impact on where I am today. They each taught me that no one has to grow their business alone and they shouldn't have to. Now I have the opportunity to pass my own skills and experience onto you.

You have a unique gift. Online marketing can help you share that with the world. It's not about a having a huge budget or team or social media toolbox.

If you’re willing to take the actions that align with your ambition, it is possible and practical to build a business online.

Talk about a return on happiness.

I've been able to do it. Now I'm here to help you do this same.

When I was younger, I believed there were secret doors that could take you anywhere in the world. Now there are, who knew they’d be virtual?


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things you should know about me…

  • I only ever teach you things I've done successfully for either myself or clients.

  • I will always be 100% honest about the mistakes and lessons I learn along the way - because we all make them.

  • I believe it's less about resources and more about resourcefulness.

  • I believe education is the more powerful tool to change the world and everyone has a right to receiving it which is I’m committed to providing FREE simple easy-to-follow strategies, tutorials and resources on this website & across social media.

  • I don't do hard sell promotions, expiring offers, mega launches or psychological pricing. It's not my style. You either want to learn or you don't you either want to buy or you don't. My role is only ever to create solutions to your problems and educate you on the benefits gained from investing time, money or both.


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